Solutions and Services

Investment Retrievers provide solutions for creditors, producing a predictable cash flow for otherwise unpredictable receivables. With more than 15 years experience acquiring and managing accounts receivable portfolios, our team has developed proprietary methods that enable peak performance while minimizing creditor risk.

Track Record of Success

Since 2001 we have successfully provided our creditor partners with the financial backstop they needed to maximize the value of their accounts receivable portfolios. We have experience working with creditors of all shapes and sizes, from sole proprietors to international banking institutions.Our success has been the result of our ability to continually exceed the expectations of our partnerships, not just from a performance standpoint, but in all aspects of our partner relationships.

Cash Flow Predictability

Investment Retrievers offers creative deal structures for our creditor partners with single transactions or forward flow arrangements that create predictable cash infusions at scheduled intervals. We work hard to be flexible and fill the cash flow needs of creditors.

Focus on Compliance

Our team is focused on creating an environment meeting the highest compliance standards. We have deployed the ComplyARM Dashboard Compliance Management System to keep us on the cutting edge of compliance technology and maintain a minimal risk profile for our creditor partners.