Building Our Team with Interactive, Team Based, Fun Activities

By - Tom
Fri, April 27, 2018 07:44 AM
The Investment Retrievers team is always looking for new ways to help us build camaraderie among our team members. In April, our entire team participated in a fun and creative team building exercise that challenged us to communicate and work together to achieve a common objective… to escape!

No, we were not in any danger. Our team participated in the Escape Room craze that has been sweeping the nation for the last 12 months. These games let you LIVE the game. Teams of 10 people are locked into a custom built, challenging and entertaining environment to solve the many mysteries, puzzles, and other challenges.

“This was a fun and unique experience for our team, ” said President James Kiley. “We had a lot of fun, while we were being challenged to work together and communicate. Everyone brought something to the table to help us win by escaping.”

Teams are challenged to work together. These rooms challenge how you think, how you communicate with other people, and how well you can solve problems in order to escape. Hidden objects, codes, puzzles, and secret areas all stand between you and the final key. You will encounter false clues, misleading trails, deadlocks and blind leads that test your patience and consume your time. To win teams must use logic, skill, speed and teamwork to solve the final puzzle and escape the room.

“Enchambered provided a challenging opportunity for our people to work together in a new way, ” said the Chief Compliance Officer, Lexi Knight. “This game provided an opportunity for everyone to break away from the corporate structure and give everyone an opportunity to shine through their participation and leadership skills.”

What Are Team Escape Games?

Real Escape games let you live the game. We have real-life escape games where teams of 3-10 people are locked into a custom built, challenging and entertaining environments to solve the many mysteries, puzzles and challenges. You need to unlock the final clues to open the door and escape the room.